Vacation inspiration during lockdown

In the summer 2020 most of the world was on lockdown. So we decided to go on an adventure with our car! And we made a video for you to get ideas on vacation inspiration!

In short, we packed our car to the brim with tent, sleeping bags, kajaks, all the outdoor equipment that we needed (or so we thought) and lots of food (fresh, dried and canned). And we left our home in Odense, Denmark, to go on an unpredictable adventure.

We drove up through Sweden, which at that time was critical, so we didn’t make any stops in cities. But we didn’t know where we would end up, so 14 hours later we found ourselves on a mountain top by Lillehammer in Norway.

And this was only the beginning of a two week adventure in the north!

Feel free to share the video with someone you want to spend an adventurous summer with. We hope this was a fair vacation inspiration video! And you are welcome to comment if you have any questions or comments.

Pssst… Stay tuned for the next episodes, where the adventure continues!

All is good,
Julian & Annie

Annie on mountain top over Geiranger
Annie Ariel, Hjertefotograf