About us

Sweden is our most beloved place in the world!





Celebrating midsommer by the fire in June with freshly picked flowers, picking mushrooms in the fall and making delicious sauce!

Watching the first snowflakes cover the ground and coming back in spring time to feel everything starting to sprout.

We visit Småland all year long, and each season is magical in its own way.


Our story

 Our love for Sweden has grown over the years!

Julian has since he was a little boy visited his grandfather’s cottage in Sjühult every summer. When Julian was 21 years old he bought his own cottage at Lönshult and renovated it.

When he met Annie in 2019, he brought her to Småland after only three weeks, and she fell in love with the cottages as well.
Now we run it together and visit the cottages as much as we can alongside our other businesses.

Annie Ariel


I am a bubbly adventurer who loves to create memorable experiences! I work as a portrait photographer in my own business Hjertefotograf.dk

Julian Lundsgaard


When I’m not on adventures in the nordic nature, I am the CEO at          Swann Studio producing audiobooks in 14 countries.